Fall Activities (activities are subject to change seasons)

Participants learn the basics of performing and all aspects of theatre. A production follows the season.

Kickball is a sport that focuses on running, kicking, catching and throwing a typical playground ball. Participants are divided into teams and games are played and modified as needed.

TASK soccer focuses on skills such as dribbling, shooting, goal keeping, throw-ins and teamwork. It also increases fitness and stamina for each player. Teams are determined according to age level and ability. Part of each session is devoted to skill building; during the remaining time athletes put their skills into practice by playing in a soccer game. Modifications are made on an individual basis so that each athlete can succeed and learn the game.

Participants practice volleyball skills of bumping, serving and game play. A station approach is used and participants play games as time allows. Volleyballs are modified in size.

Zumba is a dance fitness program that involves dance and aerobic elements. Classes are modified to meet the participant’s needs.




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