Parent Testimonials

Here is what people are saying about TASK:

"As a parent, I love that Lucy can participate in activities just like her typical siblings. TASK is a safe environment for her to participate in all activities from boot camp classes to soccer. Her behaviors aren't an issue-the volunteers are there to help and encourage her and as a parent I can relax. Best of all Lucy looks forward to her weekly TASK sessions. She has fun and gets to play with peers. Next up is basketball and when I told her, she exclaimed "YAH!" and jumped up and down. The staff and volunteers at are AWESOME! The kids who volunteer are amazing. They want to be there for these kids. When Lucy walks in everyone knows her, which helps her feel at ease. "

— Katie, Lucy's Mom

"TASK offers Riley a wonderful opportunity to participate in a variety of activities with her peers. It allows her to have fun, gain confidence and stay active. She asks everyday if she has "camp." Riley got her first trophy at TASK and carried it around for a week because she was so proud. The TASK volunteers are unbelievable. You can tell that they care about these kids and young adults with their heart and soul. Riley is always talking about the different people who help her during activities – they obviously make a big impact on her."

— Cindy, Riley's Mom

"TASK has allowed us to give Liam the social experience of sports within the safe environment of the caring staff and volunteers. TASK is unique because they allow any athlete the experience of sports. We continue to stay involved in TASK because it allows our whole family to champion around something Liam is doing. Liam has 3 younger brothers who are very involved in sports. They enjoy seeing Liam participate at his level and they LOVE the awards ceremony.."

— Kerry, Liam's Mom





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